Wednesday, August 5, 2020

None Greater Ch 5: Simplicity

In our chapter this week, we consider the doctrine of Simplicity. As we studied Asiety last week, it naturally flows into the doctrine of simplicity. Since God is not dependent on anyone or anything, he is self-existent and simple. By saying God is simple is not to say he is easy going or not intelligent, but that he is not comprised of components but is one, he is simple. This deals with the question, does god have a parts? Read chapter 5 for our book study this week for our discussion for tonight's meeting on Zoom. 
Here is a helpful podcast dealing with Simplicity:

Bonus: Listen to this podcast with RC Sproul, on the importance of studying doctrine of God

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

None Greater Ch 4: The Aseity of God

Aseity is a word that describes that God is self-existent and not dependent on his creation. This doctrine is hard for us as creatures to fathom. When we contemplate that God is eternally self-existent not dependent on anyone or anything. However we as creatures are completely dependent on God. God did not create because he was lonely and needed creatures to be fulfilled. God does not depend on anything and he doesn't need us. This attribute we are pondering today for our study is a incommunicable attribute of God, meaning we are creatures do not share this attribute with God. As Barrett says, "this attribute is assumed and taught everywhere in Scripture and proves to be the key that unlocks God’s attributes." We are studying this attribute tonight for our theology for dinner.  Have chapter 4 read and lets be ready to discuss it tonight at 7.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

None Greater Ch 1: Incomprehensibility

Are we able to fully know and understand God? Are we able to know the in and outs of God exhaustively? How can we as finite creatures grasps the infinite? Is God even knowable? Moses faced this when he met God. What would that have been like if you were in his sandals? What would it have been like to plead to God for his people's sake. This Wednesday evening we will be discussing chapter 1 of our new book study, None Greater, and discuss these questions. We will be joining together on Zoom at 7 pm. Please read chapter 1 and Also read Exodus 32 and 33 for tomorrow as it will aid for our discussion. I will be sending a email with the zoom details soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Putting it to Pratice

We are having our zoom call tonight at 7pm for T4D. We have no new assignment, but we will be putting into practice things we have learned. SO the homework was for each person to pick 2 hermeneutical principles taken from chapters 4-6 and then pick a text or two to show those principles.An email has been sent with the zoom details. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Ch 6: Practical Tools for Bible Study

Four Basic Rules For The Essential Four Tools | Todays Modern Homes
Every worker needs good tools to do good job. When we come to scripture it is helpful to have tools to help assist us in our studies, to better have a grasps on the text we are approaching. In this chapter we will be discussing several tools that we can have to help us. Have chapter 6 read and we will review it for today at 7pm. Be on the look out for the zoom details. We will also be discussing the new book we will be studying.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Ch 5: Culture & The Bible

How does the bible relate to the culture we find ourselves in? In chapter 5 of Knowing Scripture we will be learning how. For theology 4 dinner tonight we will be going over chapter 5 and looking at a few examples of what we learned in Chapter 4. We will not get through all of chapter 5, but have it read for tonight. I emailed the details for tonight's call. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ch 4 continued

Hello Men. We will be continuing our Zoom call tonight and continuing chapter 4 at 7pm. Have it read and be looking for a email with the zoom details.